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Valley Microscope Company specializes in cleaning, scheduled maintenance, full service, sales, and repair of light microscope and table top autoclave/sterilizer lab equipment. Michael Bryant is the owner and service technician of this company. Michael was originally taught the business by his father Robert Bryant who owns Interstate Microscope, LLC based out of Hendersonville, N.C. since 1986 which serves areas of North Carolina, South Carolina, and eastern parts of Tennessee. Valley Microscope began business in Winchester, VA February of 2005 and in year 2009 Michael expanded services of Valley Microscope to repair and service autoclave equipment. Michael has the knowledge and nearly 10 years of hands on experience repairing all major microscope brands, and nearly 5 years of experience repairing Pelton & Crane, Tuttnauer, and Midmark brand autoclave equipment. Valley Microscope has provided microscope services and/or autoclave repair services by tailoring to a few hundred of their clients such as veterinarians of veterinary animal clinics, pathologists, physicians of family practices, gynecologists of OB/GYN clinics, dermatologists of dermatology clinics, urologists, biologists, hematologists, colleges, universities, high schools, forensic scientists, research scientists, and tattoo shops throughout the states of Virginia, eastern panhandle of West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC (District of Columbia) since 2005.

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What makes Valley Microscope so unique or stand out from the competition?
  • We proactively stay on top of the newest technological advances in microscopy products and making it available to customers.
  • We offer products that are economical and affordable in a way that doesn't sacrifice or compromise quality.
  • We have lower overhead cost in conducting business therefore passing on the savings to our customers compared to our competitors that may have higher overhead expenses such as paying for commerical office space, employees, or dealer fees to select manufactures for distributing their products.
  • We bring our maintenance and repair services directly to customer location throughout the states of Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and eastern parts of West Virginia.
  • We're able to repair and maintain more than just microscope equipment such as table top autoclaves and sterilizers.

Valley Microscope is dedicated to provide microscope and autoclave repair services to businesses who utilize microscope and autoclave equipment. Our company understands that it is essential to have a properly working microscope while doing research projects or to make an effective diagnosis when treating patients as well as keeping surgical instruments properly sterilized for use. We further understand that many businesses find it inconvenient to have their microscope or autoclave serviced at another location other than their own. That is why we offer on-site service to our customers helping eliminate lengthy down time therefore saving you lost time and money. Valley Microscope is committed to bring you the best service possible satisfaction guarantee and very competitive rates to keep your maintenance cost low. Our goal is to bring our services directly to the customer and to meet their microscope and autoclave needs for many years to come.

Microscope cleaning service includes disinfecting and cleaning of the base & stand, mechanical stage, lens condenser, iris diaphragm, condenser light housing, diffusion or blue filters, prisms & mirrors in binocular head, all magnification objectives, and ocular eyepieces. Lubrication will be applied to the following parts such as mechanical stage which moves horizontally & vertically, rack & pinion, coarse/fine adjustments, and turret as needed for ease of use to prevent unneeded stiffening or hesitation of moving parts. Parfocal objectives so each objective would not require re-focusing should you choose to use a different powered magnification while viewing the same specimen. Microscope will be calibrated, tuned, and re-checked for optimal performance during the final stages of cleaning service provided that all parts are in good working order. If any repairs or replacement parts are needed to bring a microscope to full functioning condition, Valley Microscope agrees to inform the customer, give them an estimate of the repair, and obtain authorization from the proper authorities first before initiating any repairs. In addition, Valley Microscope guarantees professional cleaning service for up to 30 days from time of last service date. If for any reason you're not happy or satisfied with our cleaning service, please contact Valley Microscope immediately within 30 days and we will work with you to resolve the problem.


Valley Microscope recommends a regular routine schedule of preventative maintenance at least once or twice a year. We emphasize this because failing to maintain service on a microscope can lead to unsanitary conditions such as the build up of germs and diseases that may put you, co-workers, or students at higher risk of getting sick; breakdown of mechanical moving parts which could lead to unwanted costly repairs, and difficulty to focus on a specimen clearly to obtain proper identification or diagnosis. These symptoms alone can cost you lost time and money especially if a microscope is used frequently without regular preventative maintenance.

We can provide this service on-site in your lab and it generally takes about 30 minutes to service each microscope. In some cases, it could take up to an hour. These cleaning services are performed on basic compound microscopes that either have a monocular or binocular head that consists of no more than four or five objective lenses underneath the turret. Major brands of basic compound microscopes that we service include Accu-scope, American Optical, Bausch & Lomb, Leica, Leitz, Meiji, Nikon, Olympus, Swift, Wesco, Zeiss, and other microscope brands. Our service area covers state of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC metro, and eastern parts of West Virginia. No need to ship your microscope elsewhere for service. Contact us now for a free price quote!

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